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2011-07-18 12:50 am

Happy Aniversity, Far-Eviler!

a year ago, i joined hitRECord in a grand gesture 'to expand my horizons', etc. It was really an act of weakness-- I couldn't take on paying work anymore because I started dropping things, getting cramps & spasms from doing everyday things, I'd get tremors that'd sometimes last for days. I felt broken, unreliable & false when people wanted to talk shop.

I dunno what I thought it'd be like. I'd never really collaborated before; I thought it meant losing control. Since I was losing that anyway... I uploaded only things made for personal use, things I loved but was never going to get a chance to put them to use. I figured playing around with these RECorder's would placate artist-smartist self.

The word 'small' I doesn't begin to describe my thinking, but the word "Tiny" began to have a much better ring to it.

It's been a year; Fibromyalgia looks likely to be the culprit of my deterioration but with no really-for-real answer there is no satisfaction in the knowing this but there is satisfaction in getting this.

I hadn't seen it in print, so I wasn't certain. I hadn't known what I was getting into but then I never really do. I'm a published artist now, I'm handicapped, I am not giving up, I'm frightened everyday, I am certain this is not the end, I am grateful were it to be.

also, this guy here who signs my checks, you know My Boss is more Awesome than yours will ever be.
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2011-05-28 05:26 am


Especially to the Girl at the Library, so into reading "City of Bones" she didn't stop to watch where she walked... (I can only assume you go to PS.95, because of how young & petite you are, although I went to MS.143 around the bend & couldn't have been an inch bigger. Apologies for not getting your name.)

Normally an internet embargo on my part means I'm up to artistic doings and preparing for a flood of creative-goodness. And maybe this is, in a lengthy roundabout distinctly unfun way— in November of 2010 I sought treatment for problems with my joints, specifically my wrists & knees. And in the logical progression, for the depression that would follow. By December (17th to be morbidly precise) tremors and weakness in my hands made it difficult if not impossible to brush teeth, comb hair, open doors, type and if you haven't guessed yet, draw.

Anyone local, or who saw me over New Years/MoCCA Artfest certainly noted I am sporting my time-tested knee & hand braces once more! Tried and true little buggers they are. But by February physical therapy was proven ineffective. Now all sorts of experts have started poking, Ortho, Vascular, Neurological, etc.

I've never been a super healthy person but even at my worst, I've always had art to keep my sane. Going into my seventh month of being incapable of creating, commuting or even computing, I don't think I've ever been so scared—
  • And then I get a praise from my ambulance driver ('sup Anesdi)
  • And then I get written up in a school paper.
  • And then get things like this forwarded to me; 
Phrases like "Courage" and "Fearless" aren't banter for me, they're works of art. Now I am learning "Faith" is as well.

Things are going to get harder before they get better but I feel like a fighter again.

Thank you for that :)
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2011-03-09 03:05 pm

(no subject)

I never-EVER tire of seeing my designs scrawled across peoples skin! Honored, humbled, overjoyed, etc.  ;o)

Mad props to @HebelDesign, @reverieBR & of course @cassieclare.

(more promotional sneaky rune related bizarre-o goodness coming soon, this time via FB. Shhhh)
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2011-01-28 06:16 pm
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Bright, brightness...

Things have been dour on the home front, by dour I mean dire.. and by dire I mean pathetic. I choose to spare you that--

....SO! In a preemptive attempt to put things right, spread a bit of positivity around, I've printed up some (New)Year of the Rabbit Card.
If you like a Postcard, e-mail/comment with your address and I'll send one along, that is till I run out of cards or my hand falls off :D
I made a handful of Calendar Magnets for 2011.
11-11-11 Calendar
actual size
I do it every year, love 'em, give 'em to friends/family. When the year is up just clip off the calendar bit and keep the picture. My desk-side cabinet has become a collage of random val!art covering years of the dents :)
I've a few [I think 10] left if anyone's interested?
  • Local is $3 a pop
  • Intl. more like $5

 *oh, If I has your address already, than I have your address already. No worries! =D
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2011-01-20 11:11 pm

concept sketch - BG NYC

NYC. When I travel I miss this messy smelly cranky crowded place, not the actual place it is now but the sense of her. The shops that have closed and hand-made trinkets bartered therein, the breaking into city parks long after dark to just to share a swing seat and watch the stars, the all-ages night clubs that used to be a Church or used to be a Bank and would someday soon become a Farmer's Market. Places that aren't there anymore except for the feel of them.

I think New York is a vampire; it makes old-souls of lovers and while staying always young, always changing, always new.

This is how I remember her best.

Everything in this drawing is inaccurate. And that is what makes it perfectly right.
A friend pointed out I hadn't made a print of this, that is because it's SUCH a weird size. Apparently DeviantArt will also print in weird sizes :D
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2011-01-16 11:07 am
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Dear; "China ("

Thanks for making my Sunday morning anything other than lax, you prick.

So, if my gmail decide to vomit spam all over your fine faces again, could you let me know? so I can commit murders.

cheers! :)
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2011-01-05 08:11 pm
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2010-12-31 12:58 pm

From Me, To You.

5 Songs On My iPod that Should Be On Yours )
Saying 'Thanks' isn't big enough. Holiday sentiments aren't grand enough. New Years wishes and festive hallmarks can't capture this thing, I'm caught up in. But for now, it'll have to do.

I wish you(rs) a Happy/Safe & Holiday Season! A joyful & wondrous Twenty-Elevenses, and Thanks! ♥
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2010-12-28 04:06 pm
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A bit behind on things today, for various reason, not the least of which is my deviantArt inbox being flooded because some silly people gave me a DailyDeviant feature.
Daily Deviation (Dec 2010)
Thank you silly people, I love you too!
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2010-12-22 11:11 pm

Have a Happy!

Prizes Have Been Sent.
2010-Prizes (BEFORE)
2010-Prizes (AFTER)
I sincerely believe its unlucky to start a New Year with things left undone, except of course it's a complicated dance shipping to-and-fro just before Christmas. Lucky me that I managed it... but then lucky me always manages :)

Now, that my couch is finally clear, I'm thinking cat-nap. y/y?

(*happy sighs all around*)
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2010-12-12 02:30 pm

4 Twenty-Elevenses

2011 Calendar
Preview... )

Amidst the "2011 Story-Book Theme" calendar scheme I put two others together. I'll finish the story-theme (I am Determined!) but its nice to start Twenty-Elevenses with an abundance of creativity, frivolity and a promise of regularity.

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2010-12-01 07:07 pm
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2010-11-15 06:48 pm
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Re:Re: 'New Rune' Design Contest

Update: 11/15/2010 18:30pm
For the next 8 1/2 hours, I'll still be accepting contest submissions. I'm not saying this to pressure anyone, I'm stating it as a fact since I'm headed out for the evening and won't have the best access. I just didn't want anyone fretting...

Some of you have already sent your submission(s), some of you have opted out while still some of you have yet to get back to me. Despite that, each of you have amazed and inspired me, for having an interest in something still a bit delicate and intimate to me, for sharing your thoughts and insights and for taking the time. Thanks! far as entries, I'll be editing/tweaking them in the up-coming days, then over the weekend I'll sit down with a designer friend who I'm plotting shop details with and pick our winners. Once things look a bit more polished I'll contact the winners so they can see the finished thing but until The New Runes as a whole [as well as god willing the shop] will go live Dec 1st we'll be on a bit of lock-down. As of the first I will poke and urge you guys to post publicly your every insight. Cuz you guys were/are marvelous and that is something everyone should know, not just me... although I consider myself pretty lucky to get the exclusive :manhug:
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2010-11-13 12:55 am
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Re: 'New Rune' Design Contest

There are only 3 days left to take part, which feels disastrously soon doesn't it?

The due date for submitting a design is midnight November 15th 2010 PST (which for me, technically means the 16th at 3am but I don't sleep much). This will gives our international entrants a bit of leeway and west-coasters no need to rush.

Which I hope makes it clear I'm welcome to International participants. I'd like to encourage every/anyone to take part! Since I'm sending the prizes out I don't mind the shipping cost :D

I also intend on sending every participant a personalized 'thank you'. Haven't quite figured out just what yet but I'm working on it.


Quick Note: for anyone interested in including original art along with their submissions, you certainly can! With the understanding it then becomes property of, not something I'd normally advocate but with Cafepress image TOS I sort of have to. So it's up to you.


Last but not least, a BIG thanks to [ profile] cassandraclare for taking the time to sign the prize FCBD comics. I know she's just as excited to see your submissions, as you guys are to get autographed swag.

Lots of luck everyone!
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2010-11-11 11:49 pm
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And Now...

...a Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Programming to promote LOVE + FCKH8.THANKYOU<3/PICSPAM )Tomorrow; I promise bigger and brighter contest news. But for now, I'm to go stand dramatically whilst leaning against the wind. Sleep well NY. Happy 11/11.
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2010-11-09 09:41 pm
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Hola España!

Big thanks to the very sweet Maria Cabal who runs the Official Spanish facebook page for TMI/TID [aka "Shadowhunters Series"]. She interviewed me about who asked about both the "Imaginary Fiends" and Design Contest for her Book Blog.

Which gave me the opportunity to confirm that prizes will be signed by both Cassie and Me, which is a nice little outcome I hadn't foreseen. Lucky Fans!

I don't know how it could get more exciting,... unless of course you were in my seat and saw some of these gorgeous entries! Really people, keep 'em coming.

P.S. I made sure to let her know how inspiring I think you guys are. Hope you saw that.:blowkiss:
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2010-11-05 10:46 am
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'New Rune' Design Contest

I'd intend to have the New TMI / ID Runes come out the first of December. More than that, I'd like it come out with a Bang! so...
:w00t:C O N T E S T ! ! !:w00t:

Having not organized one of these before, you'll have to bear with me. The winning design(s) will be predominantly featured on cafepress/far_eviler for a new section specifically for Shadowhunter Runes :D

Prizes are as Follows:
:trophy:1st prize - t-shirt, FCBD comic + 11x17 mini-poster print
:bulletyellow:2nd prize - FCBD comic + 8x11.5 print of your choice
:bulletwhite:3rd prize - FCBD comic + TMI postcard set

Rules + Due Date:
  1. e-mail me directly [vf @ far-eviler . com] and get a new rune at random
    [no, I won't give you the meaning. That'll be a surprise!]
  2. download a cafepress t-shirt templates. Either 1, 2 or 3
  3. follow the format
  4. colors are fine but refrain from text, since you won't know the runes meaning.
  5. you can incorporate any of my own gallery works or works in the public domain.
  6. you don't have to be on deviantArt to participate, but if you want to upload your contest submission, I'd ask you to wait till the contest is over.
  7. submissions are due on the 15th, winners will be announced on the 30th.
:tighthug:How's that sound?
Update: 11/07/2010 10:27pm
For those participating here's a bit of specificity; you have permission to resource any of my previous TMI / TID works to help in creating your T-Shirt design.

Here is a short list on where to find them, without watermarks and at hi-resolution -
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2010-10-27 07:38 pm

Post-Con Print-Sale!

NYCOMICON 2010; in the practice of "If you have nothing good to say… say nothing at all" I haven't recapped. It wasn't dire but it was a mess, which is something I've come to expect. Elisa Lau | Pinkimoon, table-mate, artist, designer, food-wrangler extraordinaire certainly improved the experience. But it was the handful of friends and fans who found me out that made it worthwhile. Gracias, Thank You, Merci, Arigatô, Danke, etc! Truly. :D

Next time I'll be over on the NYAF; I don't know about anyone else but I felt more welcoming there, more organic, festive even!

I know, location-wise, NYAF was put upon, but the ComciCon side was just a mess, a wash of lookie-loo's and industry people flooding the talent, vice-versa. It didn't make for a very creative or happy environment to cultivate... did I mention that I love Elisa? Really, truly, we're meaning to do this again just with much more of a joint effort and NEW items! [On SHOP NEWS I will keep you posted!]

Loads of my prints are outdated or on their last run. That being said PRINT-SALE!! as low as $1, because;
  1. I'd like them to have happy homes. This will be the lastprinting for more than a few of these.
  2. this will cover cost, did I mention NYCOMICON was a bit of a bust,
  3. it will buffer future endeavors, as I endeavor awesome things on behalf of the Future~
### )