Well, so far anyway, the presented options are;[Poll #1458585]
BTW Suggesting themes is the best way to get new art for your favorite thing, entirely for free! Just sayin'
...on lots of stuff. )
I watched and wailed as my club was turned into a condo with an ajoining Sushi Bar.
...as my dive bars turned into yuppie student pick up joints...
...my local community center turned into a mini-mall...
...St. Marks turn into Camden...
...and now CBGB's turning into fucking fluff...

There is nothing right in my world when I have to commute 21/2 hours out of my way for a decent show.
What could be more depressing in the universe than sobering up on the train ride back from Brooklyn?!
I take that back, there's always Jersey. *shudders*
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( Sep. 9th, 2006 06:58 pm)
There is the longest-standing argument "Chicken or the Egg", which we all know.
Lesser known and second to that is, the argument "does art Imitate Life or Life imitate art?"

Emptying my camera [of the 800 Some-Odd Pix] and came across this )
Which bears a striking resemblance to this )

It amused me enough to get out of my on-line lethargy but not enough to distract me from photo editings and homeworks. Will post many mass o'Photos soonish. Kiddumz, Birthdays, Wig-Wearing goodness. Other stuffs. Back to work-work. Ho-hum.
In no particular order;
    1) I also got a free laptop through fandom sources; does this make me evil? If not, what will? I'll try anything once.

    2) How come every time the baby can't breath right, neither can I? Never knew asthma to be contagious.

    3) Why're both sides competing over who is suffering more, when me and mine are on the verge of loosing our third grandparent in a year but to say it out loud would be a slight to the other side of the fam.

...ok, not a question so much as a bleaugh! comment.
In any case; Tofutti Cuties are awesome!
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( Jun. 22nd, 2006 07:14 pm)
[Poll #754081]
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( Nov. 24th, 2005 02:50 pm)
jenny's snow, back yard pass and low fences + potato piercings, stapled cielings + velvet cloaks and children's zoo + babsdd, brats + alphabet city, fun city, the square + carlos, manny + bigger than life is easy when you're so small + harvey milk, the alternative unschool + friendsfriends + words fail + josephine the drama queen + brenda lee, and the one who did come through + wanda, wendy and handcuffs + felix, flex, phillip, alex[3] + everyone in between + gesenia, geneva, indira + the sad sack of shit who took on all three + the teachers and law breakers, one-and-the-same + the red needle + queens who fell and king who've gone MIA + brother-bikers and outlaw wives who shelled out and stood tall + columbian, claudia and honduras, anna who fought to stay but were carried away + 'sliver' linings + smoking just to burn + green thumbs who walked THE march, and paraded in THE parade + when cancer was the good news + the longest minute + the pace of pain-killers + singers, sinners, squatters and village-rats + making not war... all of the time + the bench that was home, the park that was the world + the walled-up shop between this place and that + the real music-makers and performers, without the gpa + the other back door, the hall and footprints in the ceiling + saving Siberia + ricky's and mickey d's + the best bathrooms, to whore bath in + the prettiest prison on the coast + hundred year-old monastery and kindling + velvet couches and the cushions therein + your lap + dog-piles + your kids and your kids-kids + the things we can't unsee + drinking... to the bottom of the glass + salude )


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