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Posted hella early because the boy, [ profile] tier_luren, arrived earlier than expected XD

End of comic, lalala, no more. And now, congratulatory art for myself for having finished a project without using expletives.

Lord, you’ll never know how hard that was for me to keep up.
Image hosted by
Read more... ) Posted twenty-hours early in celebration about of my boy surprising me with the Batman:Begins DVD on account of it having Ninjas and Christopher Nolan being brilliant. <3
Read more... ) I hate that I'm actually, purposefully waiting up to watch South Park on network T.V. it feels wrong and retarded and not just because the show is wrong and retarded.
Read more... ) Meant to post this yesterday, but I worked on commissions instead. That wacky sense of responsibility snuck up on me again. in other news; Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional has gone ape-shit on me and won't let me edit my documents anymore, which is great because I totally want my comics to be printed off-kilter and with a quarter of the image chopped off. Advice?
Read more... ) . . . In the past hour I meandered around the entire Fordham U campus on a whim. I purchased fantastic piece of sinisterly decadent confectionery pastry in Little Italy and wandered back home along the Metro North train tracks, enjoying autumn in full-swing. In a week I'll be in LA and I'm already missing New York. I'll never understand how anyone can live in a city where you NEED a car to get anywhere . . .
Read more... )To my shock and amazement, I realized in all of my last post I did not bash on Jersey... which is weird for me, you know... 'cuz Jersey sucks.
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Onnafest! was brilliant in all sorts of unexpected ways. The lowest points of the con was Kinko's being rat-bastards and the Hilton staff being jerk-faces, which technically means the con in itself was sort of flawless. My favorite features were 'Guy-With-Hat" and "VIZ-Chick", except they weren't exactly features and I'm fairly sure they had actual names. ^^;

[*[ profile] fatpuppy, who is stellar, amazing and kind, remembered more than I possibly could, even if I had stayed awake.]


Y-Con is just around the corner and I'm no more prepared for that than taxes or cancer or something direr. The brightest selling point suddenly being, [ profile] tier_luren has decided to attend with me, which is mind-numbingly good. Who knew the circus imported in such a timely fashion!

I missed TWH, and while I'm entirely not sorry for having missed it, I find I am sorry for not being sorry for having missed. Weird.


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