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( Apr. 9th, 2007 03:24 pm)
Alright then, since I'm about to disappear for the next 40-ish hours in preparation for the rest of April-related doom, I thought I should update beforehand instead of losing my mind trying to play catch up later this week when it would be entirely inconvenient to do so.

Wednesday - The perfect reason to dye my hair something silly and purchase and wear a stupid shirt. Just what I needed to shake the ghetto skank off my skin, yeah bitches XD
Placebo @ Roseland

Thursday - While not my actual birthday there will be a party to celebrate the event. Incidentally, I will not be there as my Sibling Sister and Wife!J are hosting so I'll be home sitting with the childrens. But if you're up for it, you should go for two very good reasons; 1) rounds need to be had in my absence 2) funds go to pay for my nieces' education, etc.

Friday - AnimeBoston or Bust! ^_^

Edits: Yes the Con is next week, yes, I'm an idiot for over-cramming shits into my April, no I haven't slept yet.
Clio's Hella-A Cat - Veda )
Ladies and Gentleman, my favorite thing in all of Boston.
Luxurious fountain beside the big-fucking-church, ...all of one foot deep.
Boston )
AnimeBoston2006 )
Pirates? Yargh! )
Stuffs & Things )

Listening To: Death Cab for Cutie - Timeless Melody [Cover]
Live @ Paramount Theatre w/Eddie Vedder
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( May. 25th, 2006 11:32 am)
We, as in me and my wings, are technically already on the road to AnimeBoston! <-- which is a "YAY" thing.
Via [ profile] jlh furry couch, which is also a "YAY" thing as she is good people, even if Veda blatantly isn't.

So far, we've polished off a small bottle of Bacardi's new Melon rum [which will forever be known as bubblegum-rum] and enjoyed a gratuitous viewing of the Top Chef finale, which makes it official that I've seen the finale to every show this season that I don't watch. I knew it was a weird sign, catching Lost, Alias, ...even 7th Heaven! My TV Karma is so crossed with someone else's right now.

Not entirely unrelated: as of 4am this morning, Jared Leto is still intentionally making my life miserably. >_<

Next up is acquiring a [ profile] ali_wildgoose, polishing off a bottle of Raspberry Rum and taking a shower. Although not necessarily in that order.
Up Next:
  • Bank clearing the remainder of a v. important check
  • Wait to hear from airline.
  • Art-Sale is technically over. Haven't heard from me yet? Haven't paid? Say it with me.... MONDAY.
  • +Prints, Car-Ride and Coffee...


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