[livejournal.com profile] bhanesidhe : Alright, so while Jenny was staying here and her stupid hamster would break out it would gnaw on wires in the way that vermin do. And age wears down even the finest bit of equipment so it isn't impossible to believe that my washing machine would eventually burst and explode water all over my kitchen, even at the impractical rate of three times in one day. And knobs break all the time so it's not really stunning when suddenly your stuck with frozen showers when you're attune to hot baths only. But all of these things happening one day, exploding washing machines, getting electrocuted and freezing my nads off thirty minute before the fix-it man finally arrives a week after our appointment, still doesn't make me feel as horrible as breaking and loosing my fleur-de-lis necklace at the Suicide City show.
[livejournal.com profile] kuchisake_onna : bwah. i shall make thee another.. goood place as any to lose such a thing though! xx

I don't know f-list, do you reckon that's true?
2008 Suicide City @ Webster Hall

In Other News: Won two [more] tickets to see The Spiderwick Chronicles, only this time in IMAX.... this is the fondest version stalking I've ever experienced. Fate you funny bitch, I'm totally not complaining.
I'm having one of those fucking rare and crazy morning, where you dragged your ass in at sunrise and dropped dead on the stoop, wake-up oddly energetic not enough hours later with crazy hair and mushed up make-up and you can't help but misguidedly think "Hey, this looks pretty good actually".

Okay, maybe that doesn't happen to everyone. That why I said "fucking rare and crazy". In any case, this post is for the Sisters Curry, both of which I promised I'd not talk shit and make with the recap.
Let me explain...no, there is too much. Let me sum up... )
I am fucking tired. . . . School sucks, work kills, love y'all but if I EVER hear one person complain about me not posting pictures of myself I will kill. Do you understand me?!
Suicide City; every time I see or hear this band I find myself more and more enamored. They are all-points adorable. They were the kids first Punk/CBGB's Show. They were the brass ring in the carousel of random that was AnimeNEXT2006. And this past Saturday they are the best reason EVER for me to bitch about my knee pains.
Being elf-sized has a lot of advantages, one of which is being the perfect size for a member of a punk band to lift you up and swing you around his head. Good-times, good-times.

Suicide City @ Trash Bar, 320*240, 18pix )


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