Step 3.C] RE: Holiday Sale. If I haven't replied yet to your commission request or comment that does not mean I'm not doing. Quite the opposite actually, it took more time to write up the "No, I can't take on your work load and here's why" e-mails than I'd thought. You'll be hearing from me soon.
Just sort of wanted to clear up a thing that happens to be biting me on the ass lately. Read more )
Thank you [ profile] kuchisake_onna for making such a lovely specimen with which to poke at.

Step 2.C] RE: 2008 Conventions. Every comment, e-mail and response was noted and it cleared up my head in a big way. I can't express my thanks enough, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, no really. Because now I can move onto bigger things.

Like the long awaited...
Step 4. I've been offered a show in LA. I'm to understand it's an infamous Comic Shop that hosts art shows for local artists year-round. A friend, whose cousin owns it, threw my name into the hat and I said yes. [My exact words were "oh, maybe. I don't know, uh, I can't think of--well, I'd like to but I don't have anything--can I get back to you-won't take no for an answer will you?"] There is a bit of contract signing and schedule okay-ing but I'm aiming for spring [preferably April] which gives me from now till then to put together something resembling productivity, creativity and sense. That's good, yeah? :D

As soon as I get confirmation from them I'll have things, like Dates, Times and Location but I'm playing it fairly close to the chest until then.

One major difficulty is wrapping my brain around setting up a gallery when I'm on the other side of the continent. But I'm a big picture girl, the rest will sort itself out...or I'll make an ass of myself, which I'm pretty fine with as well. This is pretty much why I solicited help from a faery, that and handholding.

If by some miracle this manages to work out the show will be dragged then to London, possibly August. And honestly, wherever else I wrangle an invite and a couch to sleep on.

Actually, I think the more difficult part is deciding what to put in it. I'm good with organizing galleries, mounting and transporting things, insurance and reassurances, but I've never been the artist victim in the hot-seat before. Heheh, oooh nerves, they're all tingly just thinking.

This leads to Step 5., no, not the tingling.
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( Nov. 22nd, 2007 01:22 pm)
Happy Thursday! . . . it is Thursday, right?

My house is a vortex of time-suckage so I'm not sure.

Just want to post about two quick things with regards to the master plan;
Step 2. Looks like MoCCA is much more a Go than I'd have thought. My dad is being amazingly encouraging and I want to see if I can strong-arm my cousin Ronnie' into showcasing art there, to validate the table size and price. Also, I'm now going to NY AnimeFestival. I wasn't before but then Jo Chen announced she was going and I had my credit card in my hand before the page was finished loading. :) I'm weak I know it, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's good though I always feel a bit stupid to miss out on an event in my own backyard because I couldn't be bothered to get on the D-train. It's nice that East Coast is being rather kind to me lately...unlike the West Coast, who doesn't want to pick up the damned phone.

Step 3. Holiday Art-Sale! I wanted to add, if you want a product, like the Personalized Calendar I did last year, or Prints left over from cons previous, or even items on the CafePress store [before they get pulled down], feel free to ask. I'd be pleased as punch to share things and not just commissions. Fact is, ready made would probably be less stressful than newly made and holiday timely.

That's all for now, so back to the festivities. Funny hats, fancy drinks and Food Comas All Around!
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( Nov. 20th, 2007 11:10 pm)
3] Having a Holiday Art-Sale! What with the free time and lack of funds it seems like a logical step, yeah? bit of a brain spasm, feel free to skip this bit )

So...Officially, I am open for commissions. Preferably busts or chibi's, holiday or fandom themed, etc. OC's are difficult without enough time or background information and anything as detailed as a full character design would just have me weeping anyway. Prices are from as little as $10 - $50, based on complexity and timeliness [meaning if you need it in a week, to be shipped to Asia for someone's birthday and/or to arrive the day before Christmas, expect to be charged a bit more for shipping, packaging and stress manual labor.] I'd rather a lot of little commissions than two huge million dollar ones that will crush my spirit.

Make sense? If you have question or requests, e-mail me. bhanesidhe @ ohshush . com

Now, if you'd like help and art doesn't appeal to you, you could always just donate for the sake of kindness. I'm not above charity [seriously, I haven't gotten a pay check since May] or you can pimp me out how you like. 'How you like' I mean Art-Wise and by 'pimp' I mean promote, I specify because I don't feel like explaining myself to family when they inevitably get wind of this.

(Basic Pricelist is here - - for anyone needing something structured to wrap their brain around. Or, skip through the "sale" tag to familiarize yourself with the options & process, but there isn't any time limit on this sale, which sounds open ended but actually mean I'll pull the plug on a whim.)
This step was supposed to be Step 4, but since a phone call in the morning will decide the fate of the original Step 3, everything needs to be shuffled around a bit. So, revamped Step 4 first thing in the morning . . . erm, West Coast time ^^;
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( Nov. 20th, 2007 10:15 am)
2] Creating a Convention Schedule for 2008. <--I could use Friendly help with this one. POLL TIME!!
- In 2006 I managed 13 conventions in 12 months. My god, I wont EVER being doing that again.

- In 2007 I swore off conventions entirely from being burnt out. I did still attend a three but never the whole con; AnimeNEXT as a Food Runner, NYComicCon as a Booze Runner & Cookie Pusher and AnimeBoston doesn't exactly count, because while I managed to have a table I spent the whole convention napping under it feeling ill. And that's that.

- In 2008 I'd like to pick just three or four conventions to actually work [not just attend or booze/food run]. It would be ideal to have one per season, but winter is very difficult on my legs so travel is messy.

[Poll #1091911]
There are a couple of others not included because my interest wasn't exactly peaked; Big Apple Con, Dragon*Con, YaoiCon, NYComicCon. By that I mean I'd be willing to attend but not to work it, if cost weren't so high or I could share a table I might be persuaded. [Otakon is omitted because its shit.]

I don't need to go to cons but I like to. There is something of a community there that I've been without for a year now. My art has suffered for that, so I'd like for this "One Con a Season" scheme to work out, permanently. Just, you know, rotating conventions yearly so I can see more people, places and friends. Not to mention it's profitable with some effort put.

I'll post Step 3 later on tonight.
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( Nov. 19th, 2007 07:38 pm)
There is a project under way ["bhanesidhe goes on tour - 2008" as a Faery entitled it]. Not the usual touring around, intercontinental dive bar hopping, weapons/jewelry shopping and the like. Fact is the ball is already in motion. I could use a bit of help though.

Step 1. - I've given notice at my job. Besides reducing my hours massively for the next two months, in January I will no longer be 'Super-Nanny TM'. We will still be taking NY-State to court over the months of non-payment but it's liberating just beginning to gnaw off the umbilical cord. The term "Life Changing" isn't catchy enough.

New schedule started yesterday. Its odd to go more than 10-whole-minutes without being at the whim of a child's demands [Victor included on account of him being in Florida for Thanksgiving.]

I'll tell Step 2 tomorrow. I need to plot it out, as it is a rather large plan. I'll need loads of support, moral and otherwise, from you lot. I hope it'll turn out good.

And Presently I'm doing laundry, house cleaning, script editing, storyboard sketching, travel scheming, sale organizing, rum drinking, while watch "Death at a Funeral" and laughing/swearing up a storm right now. I'm also wondering why, if finally I'm home alone for the first time (since August of last year), am I wearing quite so much clothes.


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