So, for various reason but mostly to spite my carpal tunnel's, I'm now keeping a Sketch Blog! :boogie:

I unearthed a crap load of old sketchbooks, scanned them, uploaded and backdated them, so there are some things that are also in the scrap section but A LOT that isn't/won't be.
And for a very specific someone ([ profile] anemay) who requested a very specific thing, Enjoy!

Regrettably I'm a patient person. I take a lot of hits to the chin before I rant... and then I rant and rant and rant tirelessly until things are resolved. And honestly if I'm pushed to the point to ranting, dear world, you deserve what's coming.

But I realize now, I post more often the rants than the resolutions. So, concerning my previously subject rant, I'm (happily) obliged to report on Con Anti-Harassment Project!

This isn't to say 'oh, something is being done, so I can sit back and feel secure'. Exactly the opposite! Something is being done because we're doing it!

So, Go, Poke-Prod, Contribute, RePost. Inform the masses... thanks for reading and for the little peace of mind that's granted me. ^_^
Conventions can't completely eliminate harassment. They can be prepared to act upon it when it occurs, and send a clear message to harassers that they are not welcome.
read more :
Comics oughta be fun. Comic book conventions ought to, as well. But as long as harassment goes on and there is no clear-cut official written rules on convention behavior and what to do in circumstances or physical or mental assault, our hobby runs the risk of alienating and endangering those within it.
By John DiBello, and crossposted from his friend Bully's own site:

In My Own Experience... )

There has to be an even medium. Turning a blind-eye isn't an option...neither is going into a blind rage. This isn't a feminist thing, it's a humanist thing. Because we are human first. We should start acting like it. Cross Post. ReBlog. Do Something. please.

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( Aug. 11th, 2007 12:22 am)
When I was smaller, even smaller than I am now which is shocking I know, I used to dream about world domination, as all kids cracked out on Saturday morning cartoons I'm sure did. Numerous devious plots involving zombie minions, creating and secreting a sun-destroyer [super laser] in Canada and using the apocalypse as a cover all came into play. My mind still goes to that vivid happy dominant place when stupid people talk at me, rather than to me. I get manic giggles and evil tingles all about me.

When I logged into Semagic just now, for the first time ever on this computer using "Post to Multiple Journals" feature I got the same rush. One log-in, four different journals. Rule the Internetz = Ruling the Planet!

I can't believe my DeadJournal account still exists! I deleted that in 2003, but then the site features the undead... I've had a GreatestJournal for a while, for the 2000 icons but they got purged anyway... and now InsaneJournal, updated all with the push of one tiny button. Semagic should make the 'Post Entry' button red and threatening. It would make me so happy!

Doesn't work for the Blogspot I fought for, back in 2002 someone tried to claim to be me there, but other than that I never really had an interest in it. Or the MySpace which feeds to my personal page but I don't enjoy using. So close to perfect.

This is the test post by the way >:D

*This adjustment isn't a moral stand or any part of a 'lets stick it to LJ' movement so much as it is just one step inevitably closer to ruling the world. Mwuahah.

**It totally work! Explosions of evil joy. Just WOW, man. happy-dork.


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