In no particular order, these are the requests I've received and made room in my crazy-schedule for:
To Do List
  1. Bleach Commission
  2. FF7 OT3 Sketch
  3. Dragon Design
  4. AI sketches
  5. Portraits for Frances
  6. Hanabi+Konohamaru sketch
  7. Doodle for Evonne
  8. Genesis (?)
  9. Character(s) for Michael
  10. Character(s) for Davey

I'm moving this very as-we-speak-end and have the cable/phone/internet guy due in at the new place between 2-4pm on Monday. So this is where I need to cap it for now; I'll still take commissions request well after the house move, so if you missed your chance not to worry.

I'll soon be begging for your attention again when the next Vet Bill comes in. XD
Still haven't decided on a theme for 2010 -->GO, Vote People!! Make up my mind for me ^^;
Well, so far anyway, the presented options are;[Poll #1458585]
BTW Suggesting themes is the best way to get new art for your favorite thing, entirely for free! Just sayin'

Also, to keep me busy whilst in Florida, avoiding a family wedding, I'll be doing another round of $10 Sketch Commissions. ($15 if you'd like it sent to you). I need something to keep me sane when access is limited, alcohol is few & far between and family members are a-plenty. Instead of capping off slots, I'll just be just be taking requests for one week. After that I'll praying the buffer lasts.

(FYI - outstanding commissions, of course, have priority. ^_^ Take pity on a city girl and forward/pimp/link to your friends. Please.)
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( Feb. 15th, 2007 03:32 pm)
Feb 1st - Cafepress has these Calendars that I don't especially like. Not that that aren't lovely but they're biggish wall-sized and I like to carry something with that I can carry and doodle on. Conveniently enough VistaPress gave me the option to sample their desktop calendars and I'm simply over the moon about it. The best feature is personalizing it, adding in all the holidays, wiccan, urban, con dates, birthdays etc. and having them neatly included beneath the glossy finish.

[Poll #928077]Essentially, I'll do it through paypal but, if I do it this way I can e-mail you an invoice and you can pay either through paypal or with a credit card or what have you. And shipping is for them to send it to me, not me to send it to you. So, I don't make a profit really, but it's just sort fun and new yearsy and a Yay thing to do.

Feb 2nd - Some More Covers XD.
Blink 182 - Seasons of The Sun [Terry Jacks cover]
Cake - I Will Survive [Gloria Gaynor cover]
Placebo - Bigmouth Strike's Again [Smiths cover]
I have a number more but they're mostly live and therefore of lesser quality. Should I bother?

Feb 3rd - Insomnia is like an Evil Ex that doesn't know when to quit. All you have to do is mention her in passing and BAMM she's all up in your face.
I've caught up with some shows in the mean time:
Dead Like Me -
Season One : Nay )
Feb 4th -
Dead Like Me -
Season Two : Yay )
Feb 5th - Sat up first thing this morning and the world spun out from beneath me. Every item of food I'd digested in the twelve hours previous soon followed.

Feb 6th - I really hate sitting around and doing nothing. Really, there was nothing left to do when you can't even sit upright without a wedge, but to catch up with even more TV.
Torchwood -
Season One : Nay )

Feb 7th - So, very fucking ill. Managed to get the Laptop up and running for the first time since...the last time I was on bedrest. :(
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( Aug. 12th, 2005 12:58 am)
Thanks for peoples who advised with regards Fan-Art Calender 2006 )
*probably my last post before otakon.
gearing up for this years otakon, I found some ramblings over last years... so, here's to the whacky that is con-going. [ profile] ali_wildgoose, [ profile] btchi_kitten, [ profile] fatpuppy, [ profile] otemen & [ profile] themadfish rule me like no others.
Otakon 2004 Re-Cap - Based on actual events... unfortunatley )
I'm now totally in my head-game for Otakon2005 XD
[ profile] otemen made mention that last year I sold line-art beforehand to afford food for the con. While that would be ideal I can't promise everything would be shipped proper in time. So, I'm just going to shove a five pound bag of sugar in my backpack and I'll offer stuffs up after the con. Okay? Line-art, prints, posters, comics, calender, whatever is left over . . I'll offer her up to my f-lists, because I have a great love for my friendslist, really I do!
And as such, friend's list meme gacked themadfish )

That's all folks, see you on the other side ^_^


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