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( Oct. 27th, 2010 07:38 pm)
NYCOMICON 2010; in the practice of "If you have nothing good to say… say nothing at all" I haven't recapped. It wasn't dire but it was a mess, which is something I've come to expect. Elisa Lau | Pinkimoon, table-mate, artist, designer, food-wrangler extraordinaire certainly improved the experience. But it was the handful of friends and fans who found me out that made it worthwhile. Gracias, Thank You, Merci, Arigatô, Danke, etc! Truly. :D

Next time I'll be over on the NYAF; I don't know about anyone else but I felt more welcoming there, more organic, festive even!

I know, location-wise, NYAF was put upon, but the ComciCon side was just a mess, a wash of lookie-loo's and industry people flooding the talent, vice-versa. It didn't make for a very creative or happy environment to cultivate... did I mention that I love Elisa? Really, truly, we're meaning to do this again just with much more of a joint effort and NEW items! [On SHOP NEWS I will keep you posted!]

Loads of my prints are outdated or on their last run. That being said PRINT-SALE!! as low as $1, because;
  1. I'd like them to have happy homes. This will be the lastprinting for more than a few of these.
  2. this will cover cost, did I mention NYCOMICON was a bit of a bust,
  3. it will buffer future endeavors, as I endeavor awesome things on behalf of the Future~
### )
New blog post! Small fly-by post: I’m off to New York Comic Con!!

I’m off to NYCOMICON!!

The talented and amazing Elisa Lau just offered up table space. Me, not being an idiot I said yes. [More rightly 'Yes! Yes! A Thousand times Yes!!"] We'll be at the Javits [Artist Alley is 3E Hall, table is D12]

*Oh, I should also point out, due to family obligations I'll only be at there Friday and bits of Sunday.

Talk about last minute, this might damn well be a record, even for me. :D

See you there!
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( Sep. 15th, 2009 06:40 pm)

Went m.i.a. for perfectly legitimate reasons. Specifics )
tl;dr - new house + fixed cat = Art Sale!;
  • $10 busts and/or chibis
  • $15 sketches
  • +$5 for additional person(s)
  • +$whatever shipping might cost should you need it sent.

I'm can only take requests till Friday. That's when the phone & cable guys are supposed to transfer things to the new place. So, accessibility is wonky after then.

(Feel free to link to or re-post accordingly, you know if you like saving kittens, feeding artists and shiny new homes!)
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( Jul. 26th, 2009 01:49 pm)
Ah, Sing it Sheldon!
Friday my website was reported for having malware and disappeared for a bit, which although not being true, scared the crap out of me. Fixed now. Breathing easier, finally.
other uncouth things: What with their new image, watching SciFi Channel coverage of SD Comic Con is very off-putting.

Since SyFy is to Syphilis, like H.I.V. is to doing the Hivy.
Its... Just wrong.
...on lots of stuff. )
year of the ox
I have people poking at my home. They will be doing so all week. She's been needing a facelift for some time now, it's all very exciting, in a head-achy sort of way. So, to be sure I'm not to forgetful I'll list a few things worth noting.
  • NY ComicCon is a go!* Deliberating on which kid(s) to bring.**
  • Leaving on the Feb 9th to Florida for ceremonious things. Back on the 17th.
  • Thinking of having an art-sale to keep me busy whilst I'm away....
  • ...only [ profile] ali_wildgoose & [ profile] heidi8 should really get back to me with specifics, since they're my only outstanding (which I haven't heard from)***.
  • Guess whats? I've got a President I can respect. Never thought I'd see the day. Also, I voted for him. Equally shocking realization, each and every single morning.
  • [ profile] akickinthehead? Dude. While I predicted this, I'm still greatly saddened by it.Waaaah!
  • Sending postcards out late, but I made a variety of three kinds, so despite this image no one knows what they'll get. Stealthy!
  • This year? Already masses better than the last... and its just begun!
*Might have to miss Friday due to house pokings.
**How to choose? RL should have poll options for all things.
***Outstanding Commissions is the ban of my existence. Can't sleep, can't eat, muses'll eat me.
It has been a while, hasn't it. I'll be booking a flight in a couple of hours, but I need the extra $200 to cover taxes. Its insane that taxes is nearly as much as the flight.. I suppose that because its so last minute.

In any case; this means EMERGENCY Art-Sale. I can do twenty $10 sketches... or something of that variety.

Color would be minimal. Traditional media only (meaning pencils, pens and whatever copics I can fit into the overhead) since I can do those on the road and when I get back for MangaNEXT.

If anyone is crazed enough to still want chibi's, I can work that but it'd have to wait till next month when I'm near my computer.

Pay Pal only, (to bhanesidhe @ ohshush . com) since time is of the essence. Any takers? Really, only have three hours to sort these finances out ^^;
Slots Have All Been Filled. Thanks for the interest! )


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