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( Dec. 22nd, 2010 11:11 pm)
Prizes Have Been Sent.
2010-Prizes (BEFORE)
2010-Prizes (AFTER)
I sincerely believe its unlucky to start a New Year with things left undone, except of course it's a complicated dance shipping to-and-fro just before Christmas. Lucky me that I managed it... but then lucky me always manages :)

Now, that my couch is finally clear, I'm thinking cat-nap. y/y?

(*happy sighs all around*)
Update: 11/15/2010 18:30pm
For the next 8 1/2 hours, I'll still be accepting contest submissions. I'm not saying this to pressure anyone, I'm stating it as a fact since I'm headed out for the evening and won't have the best access. I just didn't want anyone fretting...

Some of you have already sent your submission(s), some of you have opted out while still some of you have yet to get back to me. Despite that, each of you have amazed and inspired me, for having an interest in something still a bit delicate and intimate to me, for sharing your thoughts and insights and for taking the time. Thanks! far as entries, I'll be editing/tweaking them in the up-coming days, then over the weekend I'll sit down with a designer friend who I'm plotting shop details with and pick our winners. Once things look a bit more polished I'll contact the winners so they can see the finished thing but until The New Runes as a whole [as well as god willing the shop] will go live Dec 1st we'll be on a bit of lock-down. As of the first I will poke and urge you guys to post publicly your every insight. Cuz you guys were/are marvelous and that is something everyone should know, not just me... although I consider myself pretty lucky to get the exclusive :manhug:
There are only 3 days left to take part, which feels disastrously soon doesn't it?

The due date for submitting a design is midnight November 15th 2010 PST (which for me, technically means the 16th at 3am but I don't sleep much). This will gives our international entrants a bit of leeway and west-coasters no need to rush.

Which I hope makes it clear I'm welcome to International participants. I'd like to encourage every/anyone to take part! Since I'm sending the prizes out I don't mind the shipping cost :D

I also intend on sending every participant a personalized 'thank you'. Haven't quite figured out just what yet but I'm working on it.


Quick Note: for anyone interested in including original art along with their submissions, you certainly can! With the understanding it then becomes property of, not something I'd normally advocate but with Cafepress image TOS I sort of have to. So it's up to you.


Last but not least, a BIG thanks to [ profile] cassandraclare for taking the time to sign the prize FCBD comics. I know she's just as excited to see your submissions, as you guys are to get autographed swag.

Lots of luck everyone!
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( Nov. 9th, 2010 09:41 pm)

Big thanks to the very sweet Maria Cabal who runs the Official Spanish facebook page for TMI/TID [aka "Shadowhunters Series"]. She interviewed me about who asked about both the "Imaginary Fiends" and Design Contest for her Book Blog.

Which gave me the opportunity to confirm that prizes will be signed by both Cassie and Me, which is a nice little outcome I hadn't foreseen. Lucky Fans!

I don't know how it could get more exciting,... unless of course you were in my seat and saw some of these gorgeous entries! Really people, keep 'em coming.

P.S. I made sure to let her know how inspiring I think you guys are. Hope you saw that.:blowkiss:
I'd intend to have the New TMI / ID Runes come out the first of December. More than that, I'd like it come out with a Bang! so...
:w00t:C O N T E S T ! ! !:w00t:

Having not organized one of these before, you'll have to bear with me. The winning design(s) will be predominantly featured on cafepress/far_eviler for a new section specifically for Shadowhunter Runes :D

Prizes are as Follows:
:trophy:1st prize - t-shirt, FCBD comic + 11x17 mini-poster print
:bulletyellow:2nd prize - FCBD comic + 8x11.5 print of your choice
:bulletwhite:3rd prize - FCBD comic + TMI postcard set

Rules + Due Date:
  1. e-mail me directly [vf @ far-eviler . com] and get a new rune at random
    [no, I won't give you the meaning. That'll be a surprise!]
  2. download a cafepress t-shirt templates. Either 1, 2 or 3
  3. follow the format
  4. colors are fine but refrain from text, since you won't know the runes meaning.
  5. you can incorporate any of my own gallery works or works in the public domain.
  6. you don't have to be on deviantArt to participate, but if you want to upload your contest submission, I'd ask you to wait till the contest is over.
  7. submissions are due on the 15th, winners will be announced on the 30th.
:tighthug:How's that sound?
Update: 11/07/2010 10:27pm
For those participating here's a bit of specificity; you have permission to resource any of my previous TMI / TID works to help in creating your T-Shirt design.

Here is a short list on where to find them, without watermarks and at hi-resolution -


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