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( Dec. 28th, 2010 04:06 pm)
A bit behind on things today, for various reason, not the least of which is my deviantArt inbox being flooded because some silly people gave me a DailyDeviant feature.
Daily Deviation (Dec 2010)
Thank you silly people, I love you too!
The MOST annoying thing about April 1st is if you choose to say or do anything, it must be superseded by the statement 'this is not a joke', which cheapens the intent.

So, instead, I sit on my hands for a full twenty-four hours before I can post :P

Tangent-Comic: Updatery )

Yes, it leaves off at cliffhanger, yes it's an unsatisfying end but it really is all I've got. No, this isn't a joke. which DeviantArt said this....
...and has followed up with this! <3
Gods, I just love the smell of civil disobedience first thing in the morning.

adds: [ profile] theacidfairy, did the slow exposure photos you re-took with the boy on 34th street come out better? If so, can you post them? If you can't post them can you send them to me so I can post them? You still need my brownstone photos? I will trade you... or I can give you ca~~~~~ndy!!

adds more: I don't even own a camera but I'd still like very much to be a part of this. I flipped through my photo albums twice already and more than a third of them are subway related, all of them non-touristy. The subway is simply part of everyday life in this city, like no other city in the world, really, I can't imagine excluding it, ever. I'm not so naïve as to think this is really going to change the proposed ban but if I'm going to lose access to something I know I'll crave, I'd rather go out with a bang, y'know?

I know there are some excellent NY-based budding photographers on my F-list. I'd love to see what their more talented eyes could come across.

*sniffs around [ profile] ladyjaida & [ profile] vlamidala*

*paws @ f-list* EX: Why head colds & bar going s'bad )
So, to conclude the tangent on how fantastic a Naruto Philosopher my 10 [soon to be 11] year-old nephew is, here is some further in-depth analysis of Orochumaru & Itachi competing over whose Eviler. I love him for picking up sub-text I ignore, just like I love this comic artist for chibi-illustrating "Orochigay's" wibble.
*reads top to bottom / left to right* even if you've never seen the anime/read the manga, rest assured, this crack induced artistic rendition bares only the vaguest resemblance anyhow... Enjoy!

Also, if anyone is interested I posted about my most recent Harry Potter related fan-art over there, because I was overdue.^^;
It was made for FA which is pretty fantastic, but even more fantastic [ profile] hpart now has 1,000 watchers XD
I think I'm actually more proud of that... <-- I is lame
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( May. 3rd, 2004 07:14 pm)
oi, DeviantArt [and their kind brood] are too good to me =^_^=

My Art/MaxCommander's Colour

*sigh* I need to get back to work.
Also, I'm sporting the hand brace again... this weather is gonna fucking kill me, man.
Rainy spring that is... I mean it's my second favourite season and my all-time favourite mellow weather but it makes me bones all wonky....

I know, I know, shuddup and draw ^^;
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( Apr. 21st, 2004 10:12 am)
Just soooo much Better.Than.Coffee first thing in the morning...
...and my god, so few things are.

*incoherent with loff*
Wah, why am I too lazy/busy to make an artist filter or something...
I claimed *kaiven's 500 kiriban, so she made art for me... I jokingly mentioned molestation of muses...
Lo and Behold, my very naked muses Wiccum & Jeremy molesting one another!! ^__^

You should all go and tell *kaiven [] just how lovely she is, because I don't think she'll believe it coming from me... as I am totally bias but yeah, still.... w00t!


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