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( Feb. 15th, 2010 02:22 pm)
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I mentioned Mel and I deftly managed to obtained entrance to see Holy Fuck @ The Music Hall. There was scheming involved for this and a bit of plowing through a naive teller. I felt it was a decent gig, with well more than decent booze, but in retrospect things get blurry. As my dear Vic here demonstrates;
Vul: I had a great time tonight. Saw a band I really liked!
Vix: don't really care.
Vul: no, honestly it was cool. And they were headliners with no vocalists. It was neat!
Vix: oh. That IS interesting.
Vul: don't sound so surprised. Anyway, I was impressed, but you know me. Any decent enough bass-line and you may as well stick me in a cage to dance for all the spic I'm worth.
Vix: Now I don't like this band.
Vul: well, I liked 'em. But no one else danced-- fucking New Yorkers. Just standing around nodding like a bunch of inebriated pigeons. Felt like an idiot afterward, regretted nothing, but still.
Vix: So, this band made no one dance with you... I like this band.
Vul: what a fucking lousy night.
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[ profile] bhanesidhe : Alright, so while Jenny was staying here and her stupid hamster would break out it would gnaw on wires in the way that vermin do. And age wears down even the finest bit of equipment so it isn't impossible to believe that my washing machine would eventually burst and explode water all over my kitchen, even at the impractical rate of three times in one day. And knobs break all the time so it's not really stunning when suddenly your stuck with frozen showers when you're attune to hot baths only. But all of these things happening one day, exploding washing machines, getting electrocuted and freezing my nads off thirty minute before the fix-it man finally arrives a week after our appointment, still doesn't make me feel as horrible as breaking and loosing my fleur-de-lis necklace at the Suicide City show.
[ profile] kuchisake_onna : bwah. i shall make thee another.. goood place as any to lose such a thing though! xx

I don't know f-list, do you reckon that's true?
2008 Suicide City @ Webster Hall

In Other News: Won two [more] tickets to see The Spiderwick Chronicles, only this time in IMAX.... this is the fondest version stalking I've ever experienced. Fate you funny bitch, I'm totally not complaining.
Oh, how I would like to got to this thing!

Even the cause is something I'd like to support, but it is becoming less and less likely, timewise. Sad now.

[NYC] People in my f-list should go so that I might live vicariously ^_^

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( Jul. 28th, 2007 03:35 pm)
In the morning there will be a dentist appointment for a tooth cracked down the middle that will have me in traction to be sure. Which of course means I will be needing a drink afterward.

At night there will be LEGAL [1st time since 1912 thanks to the "absinthe revival"] very green fairy @ the Ball... meanwhile all my fay friends who should be here to celebrate this feat are either in Milan or at Comic-Con.

Well, more for me.

My wings have been adjusted. My gown is amaz-o. Pictures are increasingly unlikely.

Faerie Ball
Brandtson - Nobody Dances Anymore.mp3 [5.56 MB]
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