Thanks for making my Sunday morning anything other than lax, you prick.

So, if my gmail decide to vomit spam all over your fine faces again, could you let me know? so I can commit murders.

cheers! :)
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( Aug. 4th, 2010 11:03 pm)
Beside my tablet, I keep a vial of Zombie!Cure I picked up sometime ago. I've got escape routes, weapons, back-up escape routes, back-up weapons, etc. Zombie Apocalypse comes & I'm all about the double-tap + heads-shots-only. I get that.
But today, I realized what I don't get is "Fan-Girls". If they ever up-rose... I'd just swallow my shotgun.

Full List )
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( Jun. 3rd, 2010 10:18 pm)
Y'all do know who originated Slut-Shaming? Misogynist!

Soo, way to bring that back around.

In Conclusion; I add, presently being featured on hotnerdsreadingcomics is me.
Hot Nerds Reading Comics
I both own + rock everything in this photo, including them legs what god gave me.
[Okay, maybe I don't exactly own THAT shirt, but one can dream...]
Sincerely, a real F-in Woman.
Just finished the last in the Not : OZ series. My brother, [ profile] tier_luren... the Lounging Monkey? (because he can't be arsed to fly ^^;)
  1. He does make for a good monkey.
  2. He does own wings that tiny... tinier actually, if I recall, they're one inch big.
  3. This was meant to be a welcome home gift, only he's left again.
  4. He may never see this.
  5. :(
Which means this... the new OhShush.Com
(and most likely permanent) background.
It's a bit gorgeous, innit?

In Other News: I've discovered what's really wrong with the New Doctor Who ... )
Spoilers (in as vague a sense as possible for the film but) en mass for everything Else HULK )

Now, mind you, if you've read that and you're fine with it, you're in for a treat. If you're not a fan of smashing and bashing violence I don't know what would incline you to see the Hulk. 'Cuz as we all know "Hulk, SMASH!!"

I watched and wailed as my club was turned into a condo with an ajoining Sushi Bar. my dive bars turned into yuppie student pick up joints... local community center turned into a mini-mall...
...St. Marks turn into Camden...
...and now CBGB's turning into fucking fluff...

There is nothing right in my world when I have to commute 21/2 hours out of my way for a decent show.
What could be more depressing in the universe than sobering up on the train ride back from Brooklyn?!
I take that back, there's always Jersey. *shudders*
I meant to post those links in the previous post last Friday, but what with the mass of Cartoons premiering last weekend and the sugar coma that immediately followed. (Ambrosia & Malta does not a meal make... a three-day brain spasm, however...)

Oddly enough, since I'm no longer working at home I'm watching more TV. Doesn't leave me time for much else though, while I'm on the clock I mean. Cut Due To BRAIN-ROT ) says I'm a High Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!
I add this simply because, after a ranty-post like this you can see why I hadn't posted the results of this quiz earlier. It's depressing! Clearly, I'm much more of a Sci-Fi / Comic geek... it's not my fault PC's speak to me.

I wish I could do something other than watch the boob-tube while at work, but as much as I try, anything else, even reading a book just takes too much attention away from the monkey baby.

Any suggestions for something decent and/or new to watch? As noted; my interests are diverse...

Aaaaaaaand now, back to Fraggle Rock. XD


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