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( Oct. 16th, 2010 11:32 am)
I started this collection to forward to [ profile] hoshizora to thank him for indulging me and mine on his birthday-night. But then it was [ profile] kuchisake_onna's day and now [ profile] hlaron's day...
So I'm just going to post these to say, whoever you are, here's to making it the bestest day!

First 2 inspired by Stephen + Bang, Bang [of The Brothers Bloom], madeby The Family Johnson. Therefore its Canon! )
Manhattan. P.F'n. Changs, Boston Commons.
2 oz. Woodford Reserve
1 oz. Sweet Vermouth
1 dash Blood Orange Bitters
(proportions estimated)
I shit you not, this is the best Manhattan I've had (Woodford is the suspected culprit)& From P.F'n. Chang's! Usually I'll default to my chain-restaurant drink in this situation, but I guess it's all about the bartender. I never did catch hizzer name.

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fuck yeah mismatched socks!
long live the johnsons.



Balthazar Ginger Citrus Iced Tea (minus the ice). Making its way up to 64th & York in a cab. When we reach our destination, the ice shall be added.

It's sort of a lot of work for a drink. But it's the kind of drink that makes it worth it.

I don't like ginger or iced tea, but something tells me I should try this drink.

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The Best Drink In The World
I asked the bartender for the best drink in the world. I recieved a glass of water with the attached note.

Note:  how The Bloody Kiss is NOT listed ;) Take that whores!
Double-Note: anyone still complaining there is never original content on tumblr, bitches you is following the wrong tumblrs, I say with all the love in the world :D
sponsored by s p i r i t s - a n d - c o c k t a i l s.
Just kidding, like anyone would sponsor my lubricated rantings, but seriously this blog is awesome!
You know, for a wordpress.

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( Jan. 5th, 2010 12:35 pm)

I has this --> thing. Can't even relive the ridiculous drama that came about trying to receive it. Still...

The Lil Coco, who took this picture, is ill today. So we're cuddled up under quilts and watching David Tennant's Hamlet. (The man does give good crazy...)

Jealous much?
Yesterday; Got shtfacd. On an empty stomach.
Let us pause and think on how detrimental this is to any sort of day planning.

. . .

Continue - Ate insane amounts of Reese's and smoked like a chimney. Haunted old haunts. Sat in various parks, gardens and piers throughout the day, sketching. Felt more like me than I have in I-can't-measure-how-long. Not "good me" but "grumpy me", yet still "Me". Conversing/Bickering with complete strangers is not the worse remedy for hyper tension. Was actually fun. More importantly no one was harmed :D

My one regret... well, I wouldn't have watched the latest episode of "Dexter" before going to see "30 Days of Night". Then, I wouldn't have chanted, loudly "The DARK DEFENDER!!! TO THE RESCUUUUUE!!" throughout the entire climatic fight scene.
In my defense. . . . . . you would have chanted too.

Other than that, self indulgent blissed out of my fucking skull, thnkyouverymuch. XD

Today; Feeling a bit like a chipped ceramic ashtray, full up with filth but still somehow smelling of sweet rum. Not the worse feeling ever, not the best. Still functional though. Still pretty. None worse for the wear, it adds character anyhow-- god, I was actually talking about an ashtray just then. I lost myself in the analogy! Step Two: Drink/Smoke more, think less.

Now to be bold and review sketchbook. See if anything is worth keeping ^^;
Instead I have Revamp my LJ theme to Urban Noir [by definition, "featuring tough, cynical characters and bleak settings, suggestive of danger or violence."], visually documented Medicinal Greens! ) rewatched "The invisible". . . . . aaand back to work.
First, I'm going to take a nasty bite out of this fucker. )
Then, I'm going to stretch my last $20 like a fucking yoga master.
Lastly, meander through town till sunset and procure the only other detrimental thing I indulge when I'm in this self-destructive-indulgent a mood. bless. )

If only this had happened a week sooner. Yes, I know thats mean to say... but I've said meaner.
Dear Friends List,

How well do you know your vices?

Sincerely, Gettin' Fckdup.


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