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( Dec. 5th, 2007 09:07 pm)
It keeps happening! But with NY Anime-Festival this weekend I'm expecting to go off radar, only for a better reason and with better company :D

Last week was very adventurous though, last minute flights to Texas, rescuing a two-year old from her evil grandmother, fogged in airports, thirteen hour layovers, getting police from NY, El Paso and Houston all on the line. There were other more local things, hospitalizations, black outs, stolen funds. It's been adventurous, REALLY adventurous but not in the manner I'd like.

So, this is an update to say there won't be an update till next week.

As far as the Art Sale is going, I'm cruising along. (Amazingly enough none of this week's drama has dissuaded me. Zounds! Productivity, whp'da thunk.)

Just wanted to ask two quick things; 1) if you want to buy art for x-mas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa speak now or forever hold your whatevers. Since I'm nearly done with the holiday request I've got so far and I'm just trying to see to them in a timely fashion.

Actually 2) I'll leave to Monday with the rest of this hooplah because I really just want to finish drawing while watching the Dexter finale. mgod,s'good.

Adds: Oh yeah, and in case anyone was wondering I didn't delete my MySpace, MySpace did. No clue as to why. So much for that endeavor. :P
I watched and wailed as my club was turned into a condo with an ajoining Sushi Bar. my dive bars turned into yuppie student pick up joints... local community center turned into a mini-mall...
...St. Marks turn into Camden...
...and now CBGB's turning into fucking fluff...

There is nothing right in my world when I have to commute 21/2 hours out of my way for a decent show.
What could be more depressing in the universe than sobering up on the train ride back from Brooklyn?!
I take that back, there's always Jersey. *shudders*
35 minutes ago, someone graffitied my front door with the word "Devlry".

1) yes, my ghetto-ass neighbors think I'm a fucking satanist/witch/devil worshiper and always have even when I went weekly to church
2) no, I didn't catch the culprit
3) yes, being an artist who tends to put paint in all the wrong places, I had supplies with which to clean it up so it looks to have never been there.
4) I am fucking furious! There's nothing for it, except finding the shit and leaving the corpses of headless chickens on their front stoop.
5) This is the straw that broke the came's neck as it is only four days into April; My favorite month of the year and eveything I had hopes for is ruined.
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( Mar. 7th, 2007 11:02 am)
It's snowing again! This morning I got a brand new crappy coffee pot, Banana Walnut mini-muffins and Phyllis Diller coming on the View. As long as I keep Rosie on mute life really can't get any better than this...

'sfunny, it wasn't till I unearth a BitTorrent of the Mad Monster Party? (1969), my all-time favorite childhood movie, I realized what an influence she's been, to me especially. My "Sinister" LaughTM is directly a result of this amazing woman, and that's saying a lot... Ooh, she's on. Gotta go.

add/edits: mmm, that was both random and abrupt.

I had such a great yesterday, on two hours sleep I did shopping, cleaning, recoded, which is entirely changed but looks remarkably the same ^^;, updated the cafepress store, special ordered my calendars, baked a lemon meringue pie... okay I just ate a lemon meringue pie, but I watched and waited patiently for my sister to bake the pie, and THEN promptly ate it all.

February was such a shit hole of a month; I'm so elated it's over an done with.
a) My paycheck was held over for a month. This is never fun.
b) my motherboard on my home PC fried. TOASTY fry...
c) got stalked, twice. Once on-line, once to my doorstep. Two different people mind you.
d) got on the outs with really close friend and have yet to make peace, which is un-fucking-settling.
e) had to suffer through both Torchwood and Veronica Mars Season Two. (Both such incredible let downs of their predecessors Doctor Who & VM SE1 respectively].
f) had to suffer through both those offenses while on bedrest, with insomnia & artist block :(

It's been March for a hot-minute; I've got a pot of brilliant coffee, a new motherboard with four bad-ass internal industrial fans, "Spaced" on the external hardrive for re-watching whims, a half-dozen crappy 80's movies Christian Slater flicks, and an entire Heroes fandom to mock ruthlessly. Good thing I had that maniacal laughter part down to a science since age four.

Fcuking Love you Phyllis Diller! <3

add/edits s'more:

The only good thing to come from; Season Two Veronica Mars - Enhanced Soundtrack Season 2 (password - ENAKGEM)
Included only for the Dandy Warhols track; Veronica Mars - Enhanced Soundtrack Season 1 (password - APONY)

*These shouldn't have the passwords but I included them just in case I uploaded the wrong zip files.
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( Feb. 15th, 2007 03:32 pm)
Feb 1st - Cafepress has these Calendars that I don't especially like. Not that that aren't lovely but they're biggish wall-sized and I like to carry something with that I can carry and doodle on. Conveniently enough VistaPress gave me the option to sample their desktop calendars and I'm simply over the moon about it. The best feature is personalizing it, adding in all the holidays, wiccan, urban, con dates, birthdays etc. and having them neatly included beneath the glossy finish.

[Poll #928077]Essentially, I'll do it through paypal but, if I do it this way I can e-mail you an invoice and you can pay either through paypal or with a credit card or what have you. And shipping is for them to send it to me, not me to send it to you. So, I don't make a profit really, but it's just sort fun and new yearsy and a Yay thing to do.

Feb 2nd - Some More Covers XD.
Blink 182 - Seasons of The Sun [Terry Jacks cover]
Cake - I Will Survive [Gloria Gaynor cover]
Placebo - Bigmouth Strike's Again [Smiths cover]
I have a number more but they're mostly live and therefore of lesser quality. Should I bother?

Feb 3rd - Insomnia is like an Evil Ex that doesn't know when to quit. All you have to do is mention her in passing and BAMM she's all up in your face.
I've caught up with some shows in the mean time:
Dead Like Me -
Season One : Nay )
Feb 4th -
Dead Like Me -
Season Two : Yay )
Feb 5th - Sat up first thing this morning and the world spun out from beneath me. Every item of food I'd digested in the twelve hours previous soon followed.

Feb 6th - I really hate sitting around and doing nothing. Really, there was nothing left to do when you can't even sit upright without a wedge, but to catch up with even more TV.
Torchwood -
Season One : Nay )

Feb 7th - So, very fucking ill. Managed to get the Laptop up and running for the first time since...the last time I was on bedrest. :(


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