Rebecca Mello )
SIDHE by Becca
(Graffitas by Bex A.K.A. Melloramor.)
Just finished the last in the Not : OZ series. My brother, [ profile] tier_luren... the Lounging Monkey? (because he can't be arsed to fly ^^;)
  1. He does make for a good monkey.
  2. He does own wings that tiny... tinier actually, if I recall, they're one inch big.
  3. This was meant to be a welcome home gift, only he's left again.
  4. He may never see this.
  5. :(
Which means this... the new OhShush.Com
(and most likely permanent) background.
It's a bit gorgeous, innit?

In Other News: I've discovered what's really wrong with the New Doctor Who ... )
bhanesidhe: (I'm Not Heeling You To Hook You)
( May. 9th, 2008 06:40 pm)

*I'm not talking hormones here. I'm talking concept and execution.
[ profile] bhanesidhe : Alright, so while Jenny was staying here and her stupid hamster would break out it would gnaw on wires in the way that vermin do. And age wears down even the finest bit of equipment so it isn't impossible to believe that my washing machine would eventually burst and explode water all over my kitchen, even at the impractical rate of three times in one day. And knobs break all the time so it's not really stunning when suddenly your stuck with frozen showers when you're attune to hot baths only. But all of these things happening one day, exploding washing machines, getting electrocuted and freezing my nads off thirty minute before the fix-it man finally arrives a week after our appointment, still doesn't make me feel as horrible as breaking and loosing my fleur-de-lis necklace at the Suicide City show.
[ profile] kuchisake_onna : bwah. i shall make thee another.. goood place as any to lose such a thing though! xx

I don't know f-list, do you reckon that's true?
2008 Suicide City @ Webster Hall

In Other News: Won two [more] tickets to see The Spiderwick Chronicles, only this time in IMAX.... this is the fondest version stalking I've ever experienced. Fate you funny bitch, I'm totally not complaining.


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