NYC. When I travel I miss this messy smelly cranky crowded place, not the actual place it is now but the sense of her. The shops that have closed and hand-made trinkets bartered therein, the breaking into city parks long after dark to just to share a swing seat and watch the stars, the all-ages night clubs that used to be a Church or used to be a Bank and would someday soon become a Farmer's Market. Places that aren't there anymore except for the feel of them.

I think New York is a vampire; it makes old-souls of lovers and while staying always young, always changing, always new.

This is how I remember her best.

Everything in this drawing is inaccurate. And that is what makes it perfectly right.
A friend pointed out I hadn't made a print of this, that is because it's SUCH a weird size. Apparently DeviantArt will also print in weird sizes :D

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I hadn't realized what 1) what a pain it would be to get it printed 2) that I hadn't made it available before until you brought it up. And you are sooo right, I should have made it available a long time ago. But making the print guy at Staples cry at the prospect was a nice bonus.

Thank you for noticing ;)

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oh, if it gives you some stupid hang-up like you have to make an account and jump through hoops and what-not to order the print, just let me know. Cuz you could paypal me funds and I can order it on your behalf, add on whichever Avatar things you wanted and hand deliver the goods! :D

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Honestly, I suck and haven't tried to order yet...but if you're willing to do it for me, I'll totally go for that. :D Just let me know what the total comes to (and which email do I paypal to?). And yes, Avatar--what are my options there? Sorry, Obama, but my poster of you is totally coming down to make way for Val artses!


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