Things have been dour on the home front, by dour I mean dire.. and by dire I mean pathetic. I choose to spare you that--

....SO! In a preemptive attempt to put things right, spread a bit of positivity around, I've printed up some (New)Year of the Rabbit Card.
If you like a Postcard, e-mail/comment with your address and I'll send one along, that is till I run out of cards or my hand falls off :D
I made a handful of Calendar Magnets for 2011.
11-11-11 Calendar
actual size
I do it every year, love 'em, give 'em to friends/family. When the year is up just clip off the calendar bit and keep the picture. My desk-side cabinet has become a collage of random val!art covering years of the dents :)
I've a few [I think 10] left if anyone's interested?
  • Local is $3 a pop
  • Intl. more like $5

 *oh, If I has your address already, than I have your address already. No worries! =D

From: [identity profile]

You have my address and I would like a calendar magnet and I will pay you for it when I see you and you can just give me the magnet, etc. Which I hope will be soon!

From: [identity profile]

I'm planning for late Feb ventures to Brooklyn, that is if I get the okay from some medical peeps. I'll let you know as soon as I know. :D

From: [identity profile]

Any time is a good time, esp as my job ends at the end of February. You are as always well worth waiting for!

Also I still have the 2008 calendar magnet on my fridge!

From: [identity profile]

Really? That is remarkable. When I gone they'll make great collectors items :D


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