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Ladies and Gentleman, my favorite thing in all of Boston.
Luxurious fountain beside the big-fucking-church, ...all of one foot deep.
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Live @ Paramount Theatre w/Eddie Vedder
Ugh! You know sometimes, I make myself sick. Remember last time, I missed my flight to Ireland because I, you know, forgot! And that was just a small-small example. I fly tomorrow and not today...something I luckily figured out only moments before we trekked all my gear to Heathrow. See, this is why I spam people with my itinerary, ‘cuz I am SHIT.

Numbers! TIME-ZONES!! MATH...why must you always defeat me!!?
Love and affection to peoples I've missed this trip on account of Math, Finances & Technology scheming against me; [ profile] muldr4scly, [ profile] ladyjaida, [ profile] ilyka & [ profile] firefish :(

Extra special love to peoples not deterred by my horribly random-as-shit-self; [ profile] otemen, [ profile] abrexis, [ profile] bipolarexplorer, [ profile] aegeus & [ profile] titanic_days. I LOV-ED YOUS
I only just now read the documentation about the phenomenon at my table from last years otakon by [ profile] ninjaconsultant here, which, beside being entirely fucking accurate, is hella-cool!

In celebratory action of this random but fuckin' brilliant feat I am drunk off my tit! Thank You Lis' < insert stadium fanfare here >

Note: Expect belligerent but entirely photo heavy re-ecap posty rather fucking soon.
2nd Note: Holy Hell! I got drunk dead-quick, like woah. I ate a whole tuna and green pepper pizza as quick as it took to bring it home. That's more than I've eaten on any given day this past week. Really, Really , thank you, Lisa <3
[ profile] theacidfairy end of term assessment is going on presently.

I'm trying my very best to stay the hell out of the way. You know what it's like when there's big fancy shmancy ship and an itty bitty jet ski sailing along smoothly toward the same little island, then suddenly the little bugger hits a wicked stretch of wake and has to recalculate its balance so as to keep pace without tipping over.
Yep. Me = JetSki.

Which is pretty perfect little analogy, because I'm blatantly some light weight little devious Ninja brand... and she's a fucking Pirate Ship!

I can't believe she's a pirate! I should have known, devious wench... but lavish as that is, glistening eye-patch and all, I've ninja-ed away all the rum! <-- 4TEHWINZ

Still can't believe she's a fucking pirate... this is very like the time I realized the boy voted Bush. All betrayed, FTW while simultaneous/instantaneously drunk.
Up Next:
  • some sort of protein
  • Ninja thru camden
  • convince scanner not to hate
  • Likely to Ninja thru school, for shits & giggles...
  • More rum, perhaps...
Working. At home. Alone, again.

I'm am uncomfortable with how unbothered I am with staying in the basement of a Church.

In my entire life, I've only ever been in a Church twice; once with [ profile] theacidfairy at Notre Dame [where I made a profane but quirky ass of myself] and once at [ profile] syndara's wedding [as a bridesmaid, where I giggled loudly throughout and daydreamed constantly of gay-porn.]

I've stayed on here for a week now; work is going well enough. Commission and School. I've purchased groceries and given proper change. I haven't gotten lost on the tube. I'm presently doing laundry and cooking, behaving hideously domesticated. But more significantly, I haven't burst into flames! Not even the one time while I was straightening my hair....There really is no god!

WHERE IS MY VORTEX OF DOOM!.... I feel so cheated.
Up Next:
  • Late night @ Nats
  • Presentation in the Morning
  • Discovering the password for the G4 someone thoughtfully but carelessly signed out of
  • Scanning Arts Stuffs
  • Uploading Photos [AnimeBoston, (Bridges, Bar, Alley & Lampost) for projects stuffs... ME in a wig, Rach in a moo skirt]
  • Treking to L'pool? Brighton? Oxford? College-Studio... again. o_0;
WHINGE/PIMP: I am so pathetic. As soon as have money I spend it. Literally. [ profile] themadfish sent me commission money and I spent it on [ profile] jisuk collaboration card deck. I'm talking seconds here. *headesk*

Eating would have been nice too....
Food statement withdraw. I can't eat here. I mean there's a shop called "All About Coffee" across the street from college, they have a decent and not entirely overpriced sandwich spread. It helps that I already maintain a very stationary position there, but like... chewing... and swallowing. No.

Between the facial fracture and the sore throat I'm all about the liquid diet.
Hazelnut Coffee, being choice one.
Spiced Red Rum, being choice two.

Good god England, it's bad enough you're stale and hard, must your bread be that way as well!


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