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( Jul. 11th, 2006 02:28 pm)
I've got to be the only female in the Universe that considers having a Jared Leto related dream a true [heart pounding, hair pulling, arm flailing] Nightmare. o_0;

And all I did was steal his keyboard. )
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( May. 25th, 2006 11:32 am)
We, as in me and my wings, are technically already on the road to AnimeBoston! <-- which is a "YAY" thing.
Via [ profile] jlh furry couch, which is also a "YAY" thing as she is good people, even if Veda blatantly isn't.

So far, we've polished off a small bottle of Bacardi's new Melon rum [which will forever be known as bubblegum-rum] and enjoyed a gratuitous viewing of the Top Chef finale, which makes it official that I've seen the finale to every show this season that I don't watch. I knew it was a weird sign, catching Lost, Alias, ...even 7th Heaven! My TV Karma is so crossed with someone else's right now.

Not entirely unrelated: as of 4am this morning, Jared Leto is still intentionally making my life miserably. >_<

Next up is acquiring a [ profile] ali_wildgoose, polishing off a bottle of Raspberry Rum and taking a shower. Although not necessarily in that order.
Up Next:
  • Bank clearing the remainder of a v. important check
  • Wait to hear from airline.
  • Art-Sale is technically over. Haven't heard from me yet? Haven't paid? Say it with me.... MONDAY.
  • +Prints, Car-Ride and Coffee...
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( Mar. 25th, 2006 09:00 am)
I feel I need to steal the phrase "I saw Jordan Catalano's band!" and that it was a night filled with "EMOSEWA!" entirely from [ profile] jlh. All bands were good, all drinks were better and aside from getting snubbed by a shlub the crowd was brilliant!

It was also completely fucking harrowing and redefining my swaying standard between bad-ass and in-fucking-sane. After a little curbside ballet, Pepsi and I took a spill.

WARNING: squeamish people avert your eyes. )

Another Club Note: it's been years but it's still weird to think of the limelight as anything other than the limelight. Avalon's a neat name and all, but it's still the limelight. I mean come on it's the church... what if they reopened the bank proper, it'd still be the bank, you know...although to be fair, that's because it was once an actual Bank. NY is weird.

[ profile] tier_luren is here. We've got the whole visiting dying relatives planned, for which I have painkillers [god-bless] and the ulterior motive of stealing the hospitals supply of face masks. Sometime soon, I've got to return to the optometrist so I can stop being goddamn blind. Then back to the dentist to have the other tooth, you know the botched root canal, looked at again, because I'm not nearly having enough turmoil or melodrama in my life lately. God knows.

I'm thinking of taking up juggling knives, just to spite my rising bad karma.

Edits: Crap. Never mind. The other brother is due presently. *kills self*


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