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( Oct. 27th, 2010 07:38 pm)
NYCOMICON 2010; in the practice of "If you have nothing good to say… say nothing at all" I haven't recapped. It wasn't dire but it was a mess, which is something I've come to expect. Elisa Lau | Pinkimoon, table-mate, artist, designer, food-wrangler extraordinaire certainly improved the experience. But it was the handful of friends and fans who found me out that made it worthwhile. Gracias, Thank You, Merci, Arigatô, Danke, etc! Truly. :D

Next time I'll be over on the NYAF; I don't know about anyone else but I felt more welcoming there, more organic, festive even!

I know, location-wise, NYAF was put upon, but the ComciCon side was just a mess, a wash of lookie-loo's and industry people flooding the talent, vice-versa. It didn't make for a very creative or happy environment to cultivate... did I mention that I love Elisa? Really, truly, we're meaning to do this again just with much more of a joint effort and NEW items! [On SHOP NEWS I will keep you posted!]

Loads of my prints are outdated or on their last run. That being said PRINT-SALE!! as low as $1, because;
  1. I'd like them to have happy homes. This will be the lastprinting for more than a few of these.
  2. this will cover cost, did I mention NYCOMICON was a bit of a bust,
  3. it will buffer future endeavors, as I endeavor awesome things on behalf of the Future~
### )
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( Mar. 8th, 2006 11:56 am)
My worst habit; I'm constantly falling in love with long dead fandoms. Ohh and I fall hard.

The latest one, My So-Called Life. '30 Second' rant )
"Edge Of The Earth.mp3" [6.33MB] " from their Self-Titled Debut [30 Seconds to Mars]
"The Kill.mp3" [6.63MB] " from their Subsequent Release [A Beautiful Lie]

for the sake of comparison
(Live Version) Acoustic - Echelon.mp3 [7.2MB] / (Studio Version) Echelon.mp3 [7.99MB]
And the fandom part of it? Read more... )

People, when reviewing, say something, anything constructive. Tell me I can't spell, or I mix metaphors, or I always write 'too' instead of 'to' or I missed a hundred punctuations, plague my prose with run on sentences and that I've got no plot or sense of story-telling. All of which is very likely, but do not hate because of you're idiocy. I mean seriously, pick your battles, nimrod.

x-posted, because today I'm rant happy! :)

Man, my starved-for-new-music mood is creeping up on me again. But on the highest of high notes; my skechers are on their way. No more curb-side disservice for this clumsy elf, no siree.
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( Aug. 12th, 2005 12:58 am)
Thanks for peoples who advised with regards Fan-Art Calender 2006 )
*probably my last post before otakon.
gearing up for this years otakon, I found some ramblings over last years... so, here's to the whacky that is con-going. [ profile] ali_wildgoose, [ profile] btchi_kitten, [ profile] fatpuppy, [ profile] otemen & [ profile] themadfish rule me like no others.
Otakon 2004 Re-Cap - Based on actual events... unfortunatley )
I'm now totally in my head-game for Otakon2005 XD
[ profile] otemen made mention that last year I sold line-art beforehand to afford food for the con. While that would be ideal I can't promise everything would be shipped proper in time. So, I'm just going to shove a five pound bag of sugar in my backpack and I'll offer stuffs up after the con. Okay? Line-art, prints, posters, comics, calender, whatever is left over . . I'll offer her up to my f-lists, because I have a great love for my friendslist, really I do!
And as such, friend's list meme gacked themadfish )

That's all folks, see you on the other side ^_^
I should be doing homework...
I should be doing homework...
I should be doing homework...
I should be doing homework...
I should be doing homework...X50

Click Me
No! Click Me
No no no! CLICK ME!!
Come on! You know you want to

I blame [ profile] glockgal for this, SEE!
I realized, I've never actually intentionally made a fan-art page for myself, so I will now attempt to... I started it last night during "ER Theater" and I'm stopping now because I need sleep, so desperately.
I just wanted to post about it because;
1) I thought everyone would appreciate laughing at my lameness (I named it "FOO" GODS! I'm so predictable >.< )
2) I didn't even notice I'd spelled "YIPPIE" on the main page, a sure sign I've lost it... what little I had anyway.
Well, have at it. Impressions, suggestions, yadda-yadda. I'll have it done entirely by the end of the week... ish. I swear!

This weekend was a "Kid Weekend". I feel beyond insane right now.... which is strangely exhilarating.


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