...on lots of stuff. )
Yesterday; Got shtfacd. On an empty stomach.
Let us pause and think on how detrimental this is to any sort of day planning.

. . .

Continue - Ate insane amounts of Reese's and smoked like a chimney. Haunted old haunts. Sat in various parks, gardens and piers throughout the day, sketching. Felt more like me than I have in I-can't-measure-how-long. Not "good me" but "grumpy me", yet still "Me". Conversing/Bickering with complete strangers is not the worse remedy for hyper tension. Was actually fun. More importantly no one was harmed :D

My one regret... well, I wouldn't have watched the latest episode of "Dexter" before going to see "30 Days of Night". Then, I wouldn't have chanted, loudly "The DARK DEFENDER!!! TO THE RESCUUUUUE!!" throughout the entire climatic fight scene.
In my defense. . . . . . you would have chanted too.

Other than that, self indulgent blissed out of my fucking skull, thnkyouverymuch. XD

Today; Feeling a bit like a chipped ceramic ashtray, full up with filth but still somehow smelling of sweet rum. Not the worse feeling ever, not the best. Still functional though. Still pretty. None worse for the wear, it adds character anyhow-- god, I was actually talking about an ashtray just then. I lost myself in the analogy! Step Two: Drink/Smoke more, think less.

Now to be bold and review sketchbook. See if anything is worth keeping ^^;
Instead I have Revamp my LJ theme to Urban Noir [by definition, "featuring tough, cynical characters and bleak settings, suggestive of danger or violence."], visually documented Medicinal Greens! ) rewatched "The invisible". . . . . aaand back to work.
First, I'm going to take a nasty bite out of this fucker. )
Then, I'm going to stretch my last $20 like a fucking yoga master.
Lastly, meander through town till sunset and procure the only other detrimental thing I indulge when I'm in this self-destructive-indulgent a mood. bless. )

If only this had happened a week sooner. Yes, I know thats mean to say... but I've said meaner.
Dear Friends List,

How well do you know your vices?

Sincerely, Gettin' Fckdup.

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Poke a badger with a spoon.

Get your resolution here.

. . . . .I've got a New TV husband! He is sooo floofy XD. 2007 is looking up. Al-most-there. Yay, Badgers
I still don't know how cliques work, what they are, or their intention. . . on-line or off-line actually, seeing as how I'm socially retarded.
[I used to imagine it meant a profession as a human noise maker because they sound like 'click'. You'd pop up behind people who were making wrong statements and 'buzz' them, or 'bing' them if they were correct, or bang things and stomp about like an impromptu dance group or something. Turns out they're not nearly so aesthetically pleasing.]
As expected, on-line tests have given me no insight to the mystery that is 'social politics'. Once again, I've had to draw my own conclusions. And as expected, my conclusions are far, far more interesting.

I am a member of 8 cliques of size 12

Find the largest clique containing:
(Enter your livejournal username here).


I am dismembered and ate by kitties the size of elves [text translated into valisms]

  • People of the opinion NYC isn't all it's cracked up to be, [except sometimes when it is, not that they'd admit it.]
  • People who secretly want F.A.O. Schwartz to be their base of operations when they rule the world, even if it is a tourist trap.
  • People who've theorized that Toys-R-Us Times Square as the perfect safe-hold during an invasion by the undead [not zombies per se, just your average undead, like the overflow of TRL].
  • People who secretly share the belief that cat hair only makes [livejournal.com profile] jlh's couch that much comfier.
  • People who were drunk in Chinatown/The Village/Hell's Kitchen when they chanced upon the perfect signature drink ... only to forget it the following morning.
  • People who are capable of flawlessly calling a crackhead 'uncouth' and a 'fucker' in the same breath and still manage to come off as sweet as a hill of daisy the whole while.
  • People who have a 24/7 'gay-sex' channel going on in the back of their brain, even if it's just for scholastic purposes...although, more often than not it isn't, but that doesn't mean they won't get needlessly analytical about it.
  • People not-so-secretly campaigning for [livejournal.com profile] light_music to be president.

Too, tired to cut-tag...again with the not sleeping for days. Blargh! >.>
Yup, me, like millions others, got a permanent account. Seeing as how I'm hemorrhaging money anyway, I figure I may as well spend something on my self. Have not even had it a whole day and all 100user pics are used up! ^_^
I openly admit it, that's all the worth I see of it, considering I don't rightly like LJ much. Perhaps if I bribe someone on my F-list to make me a pretty layout it will change my outlook. Unlikely, but the offer is there.

Unannounced, my sibling-female dropped off her youngest earlier today so that she could go finalize her division from her spouse. It is a turbulent time on the home front, I fear the worst...

But on the brighter side of things, 3-years-young niece Aria has memorized the song 'Shava Shava' from "Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham..." [Bollywood Film].
While her make-shift Sari forged from my old curtains is stellar work, she insists she needs to practice her dance steps until perfection. I've assured her that my furniture will always make a poor substitute for roaming countryside and deserts vast, but she is one determined little chibi.


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