Regrettably I'm a patient person. I take a lot of hits to the chin before I rant... and then I rant and rant and rant tirelessly until things are resolved. And honestly if I'm pushed to the point to ranting, dear world, you deserve what's coming.

But I realize now, I post more often the rants than the resolutions. So, concerning my previously subject rant, I'm (happily) obliged to report on Con Anti-Harassment Project!

This isn't to say 'oh, something is being done, so I can sit back and feel secure'. Exactly the opposite! Something is being done because we're doing it!

So, Go, Poke-Prod, Contribute, RePost. Inform the masses... thanks for reading and for the little peace of mind that's granted me. ^_^
Conventions can't completely eliminate harassment. They can be prepared to act upon it when it occurs, and send a clear message to harassers that they are not welcome.
read more :
Comics oughta be fun. Comic book conventions ought to, as well. But as long as harassment goes on and there is no clear-cut official written rules on convention behavior and what to do in circumstances or physical or mental assault, our hobby runs the risk of alienating and endangering those within it.
By John DiBello, and crossposted from his friend Bully's own site:

In My Own Experience... )

There has to be an even medium. Turning a blind-eye isn't an option...neither is going into a blind rage. This isn't a feminist thing, it's a humanist thing. Because we are human first. We should start acting like it. Cross Post. ReBlog. Do Something. please.

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( Jan. 18th, 2006 01:07 pm)
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edit/add [1]: I want points! Someone acknowledge that I didn't even get into my great hate of fillers! I am trying to separate the comic/manga geek from the cartoon/anime one. It is hard work ^^;

edit/add [2]: The thing about fan-art; it cures all. really it does.

Teen Titans: It kills me that it's canceled. THIS kills me in a whole different way.

Naruto Dubb; "Believe it"? It's "Dattebayo, bitch"

FF7: A prequel to end all prequels.

Naru-Toads!!: Animerica at it's finest.

edit/add [6 or 7-ish]: I know someone posted recently, but not too recently, the link to a fan-art comic recapping Brokeback Mountain and the silly that is Ennis's excessive mumbling. I can not find it now, and I am sad. I have impending dentistry in about an hour; surely someone will take pity on me and send me the link again. Pretty please?? I ask for so little...
- "Most women don't go into comic stores"
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- Apparently it's "a real white-bread industry," according to Gary Groth, editor of The Comics Journal and co-founder of alternative publisher Fantagraphics.
*Urge to smack, rising*

- And Student arrested for zombie stories, turned in by his grandparents.
Yes, well, Zombies are inherently evil. Obviously the child must be too. I say, the only justifiable punishment is to have the Principle eat his brains. Oh, wait, US-school system? Too late.


Can't have a comic rant without a Manga rec and shush you, I'm not being hypocritical. I recommend what is worth an investment not trendily suitable. Oh, man, this just makes me want to rage at the whole Rising Stars of Manga thing again. Maybe I should just meet [ profile] ali_wildgoose for lunch and have it off again in person. She's seems yet to be deterred by my insightful yet entirely profane rantings on the comic industry. Or maybe she's just dead-good at faking. <.<

Right, the Rec. Alichino.

I fairly sure no words I can say will do it justice. Just, yeah... *adores Hyura*


You miss a day you miss a world of crazy, although I've actually been missing around two weeks. There are fumes all over my place, paint fumes to be sure but still I've been at my sisters and intend to stay there for a while yet, migraines providing. Just thought, if anyone was trying to get a hold of me I'm not here, well in the existential sense of the word maybe but the whole on-line being, not so much. So, if you're thinking I hate you and that's why I'm not replying, well, you're 50/50 on that one. I am pretty full-up with hate lately.


'cept for [ profile] misstuesday.
You can carve yourself anyway you like, princess, I'll still think you're the prettiest pumpkin in the patch! <3
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( Jan. 7th, 2004 01:53 pm)
Let see, when I was in 5th grade there was this girl named Jessica. She wore lots of cheap lip-gloss, long gold hoop earrings and had her nails constantly manicured.
I, however, constantly had my hair in the same pony-tail everyday, played dodge ball constantly or drew while ignoring everyone else in the room, teachers and staff included.
We lived in the same neighbourhood, had relatively the same ethnic background, but the boys she so desperately wanted to get the attention of would only play with me and treat her like wallpaper. (I'm guessing the horrid acrid scent of nail varnish and AquaNet had something to do with this, but I could be prejudice, allergies you know.)

Jessica waited till I was alone one day in the schoolyard, walked up to me, called me a bitch which stung only slightly because no one had ever called me that before (first, time for everything folks, wont be the last time though) and took a swing at my neck. I pulled back in time to have only gotten one slight scratch across my collar bone with those vampiric nails of hers. This stung only slightly more...but not enough to be concerned really.

It was a tiny scratch, it bled a lot. I don't want to think about how much worse it would have been had I agitated her and fought back.
Because she's made sure to come with friends and to purposely catch me alone. If I had been with my usual dodge ball playmates she would have been gravel... or worse off, one of them might have gotten hurt on my behalf. That would never sit well with me.

I watched her face actually quiver with anger; that I wasn't being provoked, that I didn't seem terribly upset, that she'd finally gotten up the nerve to hit me in fact yet I was verging on complete disinterest, that I was only slightly concerned the blood might stain my coat or that the scratch might get infected due to the horrible pollutants that she'd used to make her nails shine.

Jessica started to cry before she stomped away and I just tied my scarf a little tighter and went back to sketching.

Well, I'd certainly learned what a 'Bitch' was that day... more importantly; I learned small people are prone to do stupid things.

It's really best to ignore them and not to care... because nothing hurts them more than the confirmation that they're in fact petty, small and unimportant.

Thanks [ profile] hpbnfdeathmatch/[ profile] hpbnfdm_lives for the trip down memory lane.

*goes of to a corner to sketch and ignore the rest of the world*

Side Note: friends and friendsfriends, I appreciate your attention to details and the fact that you really seem to care. Alas, I do not. Please, don't e-mail/text/Y!M me about it, at all, ever. Thanks. =^_^+


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