Firstly; its not meant to be me in this drawing; W posed dramatically for me, hence the adorable weirdness of it.

And B;This outfit does not exist, because 1) it would cost a fortune and 2) only an idiot would wear it… and the day this idiot can afford to dress like an ‘Ostentatious Monochromatic Vagabond’ is the day I die, meaning I’d like to buried in this :D

And that, as they say, is All Folks! I’ve got a plane to catch. 


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Sometimes I feel I was aptly named considering how often I like to 'ninja in the night'. That and I have an overdeveloped sense of valor.
*no pun intended.
Also, go to [link] and make your own! It will never look as bad-ass as mine but its still crazy fun. While you're at it, if you haven't seen the movie go see it... and if you have seen the movie, Go See It Again!
I Challenge You!
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I have the peculiar and apparently "inherently hard-headed" privilege of being born both 'Year of the Ram' as well as an Aries.

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Newly 18, alone, jobless, homeless + soul-sick; I got on a bus with no destination. Several thousand miles + 14-days later this amethyst was gifted to me by an amazing someone who I'll never forget, I'll never really know + I'll never meet again.

That was a lifetime ago ...yet today, like any day I could be alone, jobless, homeless + aimless... never soul-sick. Well, never so much a good bout of wanderlust won't fix. And I never travel without this.

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bhanesidhe: (Evolution [pj])
( Aug. 12th, 2010 02:16 pm)
For musical themes, I like shapes more than accuracy, it's to do with rhythm I suspect but you can't do that with instruments. It's disrespectful, somehow. Since, I prefer things that are 'Exceptions to the Rule' I went with The Hornicator, because it's crazy Genius!

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bhanesidhe: (Moleskine)
( Aug. 11th, 2010 10:07 am)
The coveted position of "Besties" has been vacated as of late due to equal parts Deceit + Death. Lately, I've leaned in on ol' reliable, my hole-in-the-wall Local Library. Happiest place on earth, srsly. That or the bottom of a bottle, I swear its like being 15 all over again!

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