year of the ox
I have people poking at my home. They will be doing so all week. She's been needing a facelift for some time now, it's all very exciting, in a head-achy sort of way. So, to be sure I'm not to forgetful I'll list a few things worth noting.
  • NY ComicCon is a go!* Deliberating on which kid(s) to bring.**
  • Leaving on the Feb 9th to Florida for ceremonious things. Back on the 17th.
  • Thinking of having an art-sale to keep me busy whilst I'm away....
  • ...only [ profile] ali_wildgoose & [ profile] heidi8 should really get back to me with specifics, since they're my only outstanding (which I haven't heard from)***.
  • Guess whats? I've got a President I can respect. Never thought I'd see the day. Also, I voted for him. Equally shocking realization, each and every single morning.
  • [ profile] akickinthehead? Dude. While I predicted this, I'm still greatly saddened by it.Waaaah!
  • Sending postcards out late, but I made a variety of three kinds, so despite this image no one knows what they'll get. Stealthy!
  • This year? Already masses better than the last... and its just begun!
*Might have to miss Friday due to house pokings.
**How to choose? RL should have poll options for all things.
***Outstanding Commissions is the ban of my existence. Can't sleep, can't eat, muses'll eat me.
Fabulous! AND I'm not even being a little sarcastic.

New York winter's are so sudden it's merciless and so crisp in cold it cuts through you, but it also centers you. Massive snow later today and tomorrow it'll all be like it never happened. I'm excited. Love it, love it.

Of course, my joints, they protest. Just to be contrary I rode my bike for two hours while watching "Running With Scissors". They should condition soldiers this way, I feel like I could take on the world. ...and in that line of thought, Happy Year of The Rat! )

Later Today: I tutor. There's a first time for everything.
Back in October, 'Friends of Lulu' had a challenge 'The Girls' Guide to Guys' Stuff' for their Broad Appeal Anthology. I couldn't enter, not enough time or supplies or anything for that matter but I liked the concept.

This is what came of it. My boyfriend demanded/encouraged me to finish it. Sadly, not one piece of dialogue is fictitious. Enjoy!Read more... )
I keep saying I'm not going to post art here, I don't even know where I get off saying as much but whatever. So, this is reposted here mostly because I mentioned it to [ profile] emsariel at Comic-Con and I think [ profile] light_music will get a kick out of it.
I'm always behind and struggling to catch up. I think that's my signature THING. Moved and updated both websites, finished a con report, baby-sat my four-year-old niece since Thursday night and I'm still up well into the night hammering out commissions. [A moment to say, GOD BLESS REDBULL] Wanted to break from the crazy for festivities.

Eh, my muses are hooches. What else can I say? Best of luck in all things for this dawning Lunar New Year.
Read more... )
Posted hella early because the boy, [ profile] tier_luren, arrived earlier than expected XD

End of comic, lalala, no more. And now, congratulatory art for myself for having finished a project without using expletives.

Lord, you’ll never know how hard that was for me to keep up.
Image hosted by
Read more... ) Posted twenty-hours early in celebration about of my boy surprising me with the Batman:Begins DVD on account of it having Ninjas and Christopher Nolan being brilliant. <3
Read more... ) I hate that I'm actually, purposefully waiting up to watch South Park on network T.V. it feels wrong and retarded and not just because the show is wrong and retarded.


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