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( Mar. 9th, 2011 03:05 pm)

I never-EVER tire of seeing my designs scrawled across peoples skin! Honored, humbled, overjoyed, etc.  ;o)

Mad props to @HebelDesign, @reverieBR & of course @cassieclare.

(more promotional sneaky rune related bizarre-o goodness coming soon, this time via FB. Shhhh)
The only thing better than Jo Chen getting back to Comicking (instead of just Illustrating), is that she did it with Joss + Lots and Lots of Crack! = Rub-A, Pant! )
UPDATED: with video commentary on "how obsessive and predatory male behavior passes for romance in too much of our pop culture."

Otherwise known as Buffy Summers Vs. Edward Cullen. Enjoy!
I was stopped Wednesday morning by three teens (not kids, young adults) whilst wearing my PJ's and groggily nursing a coffee. They gigglingly asked, "Can I see your fangs?". To which I snared "What. Fangs." and sent them skittering away, knee-deep in apologies. That normally only happens to me at Conventions, not on the corner of my block.

But you really know the world is infected when your 4-year-old charge hovers at the front-door when a neighbor comes to call and asks (instead of "Who is it?") - Then bounces away wearing a pillowcase as a cape.

I'm not really minding though since it brings us this...
*Trailer, as all things, Made Better by Placebo.
Also. Happy B-Day Coco(s)!


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