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( Jul. 26th, 2009 01:49 pm)
Ah, Sing it Sheldon!
Friday my website was reported for having malware and disappeared for a bit, which although not being true, scared the crap out of me. Fixed now. Breathing easier, finally.
other uncouth things: What with their new image, watching SciFi Channel coverage of SD Comic Con is very off-putting.

Since SyFy is to Syphilis, like H.I.V. is to doing the Hivy.
Its... Just wrong.
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( Jun. 15th, 2006 06:48 pm)
Lord, that explanation was boring, even to me. Work stuff sucks... )

So, rummage between here and here and let me know what you think I should include and why. This way EVERYTHINGS gets updated in one fail-swoop, and the masses are appeased and if it does turn out shit I can blame everyone else except me XD

Genius, no? P O L L   T I M E!!
...or rather, holey. If there are holes, please, please let me know, seeing as how this is a trial run-ish thing. But than it always is, because in the back of my mind I keep hearing [ profile] deche say "it's all right, I guess, but your arts so nice. Don't you think it deserves a better website than that?" --and she was always right.
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